Dentistry has come a long way!  Technological advances have made old fashioned “drill and fill”, painful x-rays and excessive radiation things of the past.  At Kidstown Dental we utilize the most advanced technology available to make pediatric dentistry safer, easy and, yes, fun!

No Gag X-Rays

Children have very small mouths. This means that undergoing traditional dental x-rays can often be difficult for them, as traditional dental x-rays use devices that are placed into the oral cavity to give the dentist a better view of what is happening with the teeth, soft tissues and hard tissues. Additionally, many kids have a serious gag reflex; this makes performing these kinds of x-rays more challenging. To solve this problem, Dr. Amy Luedemann and her team use special pediatric dental x-rays that do not elicit a gag reflex in younger patients. Instead, patients get the x-rays they need without any physical discomfort. As a result, their dental experience is improved, and our ability to treat them is enhanced.

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No X-Ray Cavity Detection

Kidstown Dental uses no radiation cavity detection system called The Canary System®.  It can check for cavities under sealants, fillings, crowns and in between teeth with more accuracy than x-rays. Our children have healthier mouths, and – best of all – parents and grandparents know their little ones will have great experiences when they come to our Katy, Texas, office.

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The use of lasers in dentistry has brought about many great advancements. The use of lasers allows for procedures that are less painful, reduce the amount of tissue loss, and provide a reduction in bleeding. The use of a laser allows some procedures to be performed without the use of a drill or the need for a shot. Our practice uses lasers to improve your experience in our practice allowing us to provide technologically advanced care.

Soft tissue lasers are used for periodontal (gum) surgeries. These lasers are more efficient, cause less discomfort, promote a faster healing time, and decreased risk of infection, providing a better outcome.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Using Electronic Medical Records our practice is able to quickly and accurately access patient information in order to provide the utmost in patient care.  This helps to ensure patient confidentiality as well as reduce the need for paper.  Using a digital format allows for quick access to your information when needed for insurance records yet provides a secure filing system.

Digital Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera combines the latest video technologies with dental care. Both the patient and dentist can see detailed images of the teeth and mouth in real time.  With an intraoral camera, you are able to better understand what is happening in your mouth and review the status of your oral health.

Digital Caries Detection

With this latest technology, a UV light detects cavities that are not yet visible to the naked eye. This technology enables dentists to practice minimally invasive dentistry by providing a better possibility of diagnosing this disease at an early stage.

Piezo Electric Handpieces

Are used for periodontal (gum) and osseous (bone) surgery. These handpieces are gently and meticulously used to remove harmful bacteria without requiring invasive measures.

Digital Flat Screen Monitors

These monitors are found next to every patient chair. Patients can watch a movie or TV show. Patients can also view their dental radiographs when speaking to the doctor about the findings for a better understanding of their oral health.


Our office offers free Wi-Fi for our patients use while visiting our office.