Special Needs Dentistry

Office Policies

We first want to say thank you for considering our practice for your child’s dental home. We know that there are many providers to choose from in the Katy and Greater Houston area. We would like to tell you a few things about our practice that we feel make us unique.

All of our doctors are Board certified Pediatric Dentists. What each of the doctors have in common is a love for working with children, outreach to underserved populations, and extensive training and experience in working with children with special needs.

We get it, and we want to make things better!

As a parent it can be challenging enough to find a dentist with whom you and your child are comfortable. When you add the dynamic of a child with special needs, particularly sensory challenges, it can feel impossible. We understand this, and we are passionate about making a difference.

At Kidstown Dental, our Pediatric Dentists have extensive experience and training in treating children with special needs including those who have developmental delays, sensory defensiveness, physical disabilities, and emotional or behavioral challenges. We recognize the care we provide has to be as unique as each individual child. We enjoy partnering with families to ensure that their child is comfortable and successful in receiving the care they need.

How Kidstown Dental makes success at the dentist possible for ALL children

It is important that all children feel comfortable and at ease when they visit the dentist. For children with anxiety, on the spectrum or with Autism, this requires special training and a different approach. We use the D-Termined Program to make it possible for children with these challenges to have a great visit!

  • Our Program

    The D-Termined Program is like ABA therapy in the dental office. We break down the appointment into small, achievable steps and use lots of repetition and rewards. We go at the child’s best pace.

  • Environment

    The office environment, the operatory, and accessories available have been designed with care and attention to detail, to make if feel safe and to encourage engagement and success. We encourage children who want to see, touch and feel what we use in their mouth first, to remove fears.

  • Team

    Our team trains extensively and continuously in our work with children with special needs. We thrive on learning, utilizing and teaching best practices and we continue to evolve our program as research and our own experience increases.

  • Extras

    We utilize everything from weighted blankets, fidget toys, sensory wall, tv, and individualized rewards to help children set and accomplish goals toward good dental visits and great oral health!

Sometimes we need more

Though our entire goal with treating children with special needs is to avoid sedation, to help them learn and enjoy going to the dentist without it being traumatic or invasive, we recognize that sometimes there will be a need for sedation.

While it is our last resort, we do have it available and we want you to know. We have options that range from nitrous, oral sedation, intramuscular deep sedation to IV sedation. We utilize a board certified MD anesthesiologist who has been practicing for over 20 years. Should we need this option, we take it very seriously and have everything in place to make it safe when it is needed.

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