No Cavity X-ray Detection

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Kids Feel Comfortable at Kidstown Dental Thanks to No X-Ray Cavity Detection!

Cavity detection should never be uncomfortable or painful!

In the past, detecting cavities meant performing x-rays and using metal tools to explore the inside of the patient’s mouth. Many children simply did not respond well to these methods, due to dental fears, intense gag reflexes or sensitivity to touch. Thanks to pioneers in pediatric dentistry, we now can see inside a patient’s mouth without requiring radiation and x-rays, by utilizing a small, hand-held laser light with the Canary System.

How the Canary System Intraoral Camera Works

During a typical dental appointment, Dr. Luedemann will very gently examine the child’s mouth for tooth decay, using the Canary System. This non-invasive, painless device uses heat and light to check for any changes in the tooth structure. The system uses a laser light that reflects off of the tooth to help scan for decay. This allows Dr. Luedemann to see cavities and other potential problem areas that are not visible by the naked eye. The Canary System is a true lifesaver, and kids actually find it extremely fascinating! Not only does it appeal to their desire to learn more about advanced technology, but it reduces their worries about coming to see their pediatric dentist and her team.

In cases where a cavity is discovered and must be cleaned, the Canary System can help ensure minimal, precise excavation of the tooth surface. The tooth and gums are left feeling healthy, thanks to conservative restorative processes. Most of all, the young patients feel good about visiting Kidstown Dental.