Laser “No Shot” Pediatric Dentistry

Lasers in Dentistry

Keep Kids’ Mouths Healthy and Happy with Laser Dentistry!

In the past, children might have dreaded coming to the dentist because of a fear of discomfort during routine procedures. Now, Kidstown Dental can offer a pain-free experience for young people using pediatric laser dentistry. With the help of a Biolase WaterLase tool, Dr. Amy Luedemann can address kids’ most pressing dental needs, ensuring that their teeth and gums will be healthy, and their experience at the dentist is a positive one.

Are Your Children Getting the Dental Care They Need?

Dental problems can strike at any age, and children are just as much at risk of developing problems as adults. In order to get your kids into a good oral wellness routine when they are still young, Dr. Luedemann recommends making an appointment with Kidstown Dental in Katy, Texas. Here, our office team uses an advanced dental laser to assist with dental procedures that provide exceptional outcomes and minimize any discomfort. Our goal is to make your children happy to come to the dentist… every time!

How Kidstown Dental Uses Water Based Lasers

Dr. Luedemann and the rest of the Kidstown Dental team members have chosen laser dentistry that uses high-pressured water flow to deep clean teeth and gums over other methods for a number of reasons:

  • A laser can be used on children right after they are born!
  • A laser can be used to clean areas of decay, without the use of additional numbing shots or anesthesia.
  • A laser allows us to perform crown procedures and baby root canal treatments, if needed, without shots!
  • A laser gives more predictable results while causing less discomfort, which means healthier, happier kids!
  • A laser gum surgery produces less post-operative bleeding and requires no stitches.
  • A laser can provide healing for young mouths. Whether the patient has painful ulcers or the beginnings of a cold sore, a water laser can sanitize the surface of the hard and soft tissue, expediting healing.
  • A laser can treat infants with latching issues without pain, stitches, and with instant results… Better latching!