No Gag X-Rays

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Why Use Dental X-rays Meant for Adult Mouths

When intra-oral traditional dental x-rays were first developed, they were meant with adult mouths in mind. Yet as we know, kids’ mouths are different from adults’ mouths! Not only do kids have smaller mouths, but they often have stronger gag reflexes. We use the smallest, most rounded digital sensors, as well as a technique which requires no biting down. In addition, we have an extra-oral (nothing in mouth) technique to achieve cavity detecting x-rays on children with profound gag reflexes.

How Can We Accurately Look for Decay Without X-Rays?

There is a laser that has been in use for over 10 years and was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. This system is actually more accurate at detecting early cavities, 27 percent for x-rays and 93 percent for the laser. It can look under sealants, fillings, crowns, metal, and give a clear picture of any problems brewing. This is a valuable tool we use to keep dentistry conservative. If we can discover early cavities forming, it gives us the ability to remineralize more often, creating less need for treatment.