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Kidstown Dental Is Expanding!

Dr. Amy Luedemann adds space, enhances services

Kidstown Dental isn’t your typical pediatric dental practice. The quality and level of comprehensive pediatric dentistry Dr. Amy Luedemann and her team offer is truly a rare find.

Dr. Luedemann and her associate, Dr. Rachael Garrett—both board-certified pediatric dentists— embrace advanced technology, new protocols, continuing education, and offer dental care that taps into a growing body of literature from all medical disciplines. Taking a holistic, patient-centered approach, treatments are minimally invasive, conservative, safe, and painless. Kidstown Dental also offers special services for infants, as well as children with special needs.

Understandably, the response to Kidstown Dental has been phenomenal, and Dr. Luedemann is expanding the office to continue to bestserve patients and their families.

“The additional space enables us to enhance our services and add new members to our team,” says Dr. Luedemann. Dr. Luedemann and most of her team have families and live in or near the Katy area. “We’re passionate about growing with and serving our community,” she adds.

New Room for Special Needs Children

Dr. Luedemann and Dr. Garrett each have extensive experience seeing children with disabilities. With the office construction finished, the room for special needs children is better insulated and quieter, to reduce distractions and stress. Dr. Luedemann, who uses the no-restraints D-termined Program for special needs children, plans to integrate other sensory features into the new room for maximum comfort.

Private Spaces for Infants and Nursing Mothers

With the expansion, now there’s a special infant treatment room and two nursing rooms for moms with infants. Mothers of young children come to see Dr. Luedemann when their baby has a bottle or breastfeeding problem, or for a child that gags when eating. In addition, Dr. Luedemann plans to have an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) on-site to assess babies, and offer follow up care.

“If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, see an IBCLC first. If a problem is found, have it treated as early as possible and enjoy that special time with your infant without breast pain, milk reduction, a gassy infant, or a baby with reflux,” says Dr. Luedemann, who recently welcomed her daughter, Evelyn Grace, into the world.

Myofunctional Therapy

Dr. Luedemann brought myofunctional therapy to the community two years ago, and the demand for this service continues to grow. Orofacial myofunctional therapy is the neuromuscular re-education or re-patterning of the oral and facial muscles, using facial and tongue exercises and behavior modification techniques. Promoting proper tongue position can improve breathing, chewing, and swallowing, among other things. Lack of treatment can lead to an entire cascade of lifelong problems, such as crooked teeth, sleep apnea, chronic headaches, ADHD, and more.

“Children who need myofunctional therapy often have a huge relapse potential after braces come off,” explains Dr. Luedemann. “These children could avoid braces or other issues if they address the muscle function that creates the problem in the first place. Three out of four children, by age five, already show signs of bite problems. It’s better to address the cause early, and reduce the potential for future, more serious problems.”

Continuing Education for Peers and the Community

Last but certainly not least, Dr. Luedemann believes in continual learning and sharing knowledge. Last year, she hosted continuing education on myofunctional therapy for an interdisciplinary group that included dentists, orthodontists, osteopaths, and chiropractors. She also founded a study club that reviews literature and complex cases in a group environment. Dr. Luedemann aims to further expand these activities now that she has more office space.

Wishing All Families in Greater Katy the Best Dental Experiences

Children deserve high quality dental care that is shot-free, gag-free, and painless. Call and schedule an appointment at Kidstown Dental today. All the fancy technology and techniques, and the extra time spent with your child, doesn’t mean higher prices. Dr. Luedemann, a native Houstonian, believes access to high quality dental care for every child is important.

Visit for more information. Review Dr. Luedemann and Dr. Garrett’s impressive credentials, and read about their involvement in continuing education and community support. To learn more about Kidstown Dental’s approach to pediatric dentistry and other topics, check out the blog link at Kidstown-

• Calming, warm, welcoming environment

• Visits begin with one-on-one activity to establish comfort, trust, rapport

• Facilitated learning approach is used to engage pediatric patients

• Laser dentistry

• No X-ray cavity detection

• No gag X-rays

• Myofunctional therapy

• Infant/child frenectomies

• Special needs pediatric dentistry

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