Drs. Amy L. Luedemann-Lazar and Rachel Garrett, Katy, TX Pediatric Dentists, Now Accept New Laser Frenectomy Patients at Kidstown Dental

Amy L. Luedemann-Lazar, DDS and Rachael Garrett, DDS, are now offering gentle pediatric dentistry services to new patients, who suffer from tongue-tie and lip-tie, requiring a corrective frenectomy in Katy, TX without the necessity of a referral. Historically procedures like a frenectomy were done surgically, the results were often traumatic for the patient and parents alike. At Kidstown Dental, the pediatric dentists utilize advanced laser technology, rather than sharp metal instruments, providing a more comfortable experience with an expedited recovery, creating little or no discomfort.

Tongue-tie and lip-tie are conditions where the muscular attachment between the tongue and the floor of the mouth or between the lip and the gums, is too tight and short. This restricts movement of the tongue or the lip, and over the course of an affected individual’s life, can lead to a host of health problems. The earliest effect can be an infant’s ability to latch during feeding. Older children may continue to have feeding issues which may mask as “picky eaters,” speech challenges, impeded growth and development of the jaws leading to poor bite, and gaps between teeth due to where this tissue attaches. In addition, Dr. Christian Guilleminault, a renowned neurologist from Stanford University who has studied sleep in children for over 30 years, just released research this year, that a tongue restriction is a marker for sleep apnea.

The number of pediatric dentists, or ENT’s, who are trained to address both the lip and tongue restrictions is low. Those who do perform these procedures often cut the tongue or lip to free the attachment, or frenum. Several stitches are typically necessary to maintain wound closure during the recovery period. This was the only known way to help for decades, but it often comes with an increased risk of infection due to difficulties with keeping the area clean. Evidence now shows that the attachment needs to be fully released, a scalpel or scissors can achieve this goal and this technique leads to much more scarring and potential issues relating to the scarring. When parents bring a child to the pediatric dentists at Kidstown Dental for a frenectomy in Katy, TX, they can expect significantly different results. Both Dr. Luedemann and Dr. Garrett are dedicated to staying abreast of the most advanced procedures and have master’s certificates in the laser frenectomy surgery technique.

Drs. Luedemann-Lazar and Garrett use an FDA-cleared laser system to treat their patients. The laser gently separates the connecting tissue, freeing the lip or tongue to have a full range of motion. Bleeding is minimal and the risk of infection with the laser is scarce. The technology is safe and effective for any age, including infants. Parents who are interested in learning more about a laser-assisted frenectomy in Katy, TX, can find information on the Kidstown Dental website.

About the Doctors:

Kidstown Dental is a pediatric practice offering compassionate care for patients in Katy, TX. Dr. Amy L. Luedemann-Lazar and Dr. Rachael Garrett work together to offer the highest quality, minimally invasive, integrated, holistic approach available for children today. To learn more about the doctors, visit the Kidstown Dental website and read their bios or visit the Kidstown Dental Facebook Page. Both Dr. Luedemann-Lazar and Dr. Rachael Garrett are diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and participate professionally with many organizations promoting oral health in children. To learn more about Kidstown Dental, please visit their website at http://www.kidstowndentist.com or call (281) 542-4521.

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