Biofunctional Pediatric Dentistry

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    Did you know 90% of facial growth is done by age 12?

    Why then do we wait until then to start trying to help? Orthodontics can help straighten the teeth and give that “Hollywood” smile everyone wants, but often times it leaves foundational health issues unaddressed.

    Early Myofunctional-Based Interventions


    We retrain:
    nasal breathing, oral rest posture, and eliminate tongue thrusting


    We utilize a few powerful, biologically compatible appliances that are very effective


    We ensure child is seen by osteopath to address related whole body issue

    It may be new information for parents is that we don’t have to just watch and wait for orthodontics to try to make things look better when the child is older. We can intervene as young as possible, correct what is causing the growth deficiency, could be tongue tie, could just be bad habits. The benefit is that when the child is corrected early enough, they will have a beautiful face, with cheekbones, a nice jaw line, jaws that are spacious, teeth that line up, and behind all that awesomeness, a great big patent airway for life!! 

    So please, bring your child in as early as possible for an evaluation to see if we can help!

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